La cascata di Sillans la cascade
When you think of Provence, you think of lavender, picturesque villages, cicadas and healthy gastronomy. But there is also a hidden Provence with verdant greenery that's particularly breathtaking in late spring, inviting hikers and explorers to discover the beauty of nature as it awakens. A land made of hidden villages, centuries-old legends, as well as rivers and waterfalls with cool, crystal-clear waters.
Il castello des Milandes e Joséphine Baker
Let's explore the captivating Château des Milandes, intertwined with Josephine Baker's extraordinary life. Known for her kindness and bravery, Baker's legacy holds a special place in the hearts of the French. Roaming the castle's rooms takes you on a journey through her remarkable story, leaving an indelible impression.
Roussillon e le ocre cosa vedere in Provenza
Embark on a journey to Provence and explore three captivating destinations that embody the charm and allure of this sun-kissed region. The first stop is Roussillon, known for its vibrant red houses painted with ochre from the abundant deposits in the area. You can explore the whimsical ochre mines of Les Sentiers des Ocres. Next, Rustrel Colorado offers a grandiose landscape with diverse colours and unique rock formations. Gordes reveals its hidden troglodyte village beneath the Palais Saint-Firmin, where remnants of a bygone era can still be found. Conclude your journey with a visit to the serene Abbey of Sénanque, surrounded by fragrant lavender fields.
Périgueux, capoluogo del Périgord
Discover the enchanting regions of Périgord and Quercy, where you can indulge in ten days of relaxation, natural beauty, cultural exploration, rich history, and delectable cuisine. Immerse yourself in the picturesque villages that adorn these regions, each possessing a unique charm that reflects the essence of France. From leisurely activities to immersing yourself in nature, delving into the local culture, exploring historical sites, and savoring delicious food, Périgord and Quercy offer an unforgettable experience for all.
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